Be warty of Dawn Euer’s “friends” from the far-left

The saying goes, you are known by the company you keep. So who are Dawn Euer’s buddies?

Euer is a progressive. That’s the label socialists decided to hide behind when the public got wise that their forced redistribution-ofwealth notions ruined one country after another. Most Rhode Islanders are politically center-right or independent. They would be appalled to learn who some of Euer’s progressive “friends” are.

For example, there’s MoveOn. org, which did a canvassing day for Euer Aug. 12. MoveOn is a radical left outfit that got started to give serial women-abuser Bill Clinton cover during the Monica Lewinsky impeachment.

MoveOn then distinguished itself by conducting a character assassination campaign a! gainst Gen. David Petraeus. He made the mistake of letting his mistress see classified documents. After a highly distinguished military career, this single foolish lapse by no means justified MoveOn’s smear attack, calling him General Betray Us.

The sugar daddy behind MoveOn is George Soros. He’s the shady billionaire currency manipulator who has funneled hundreds of millions into radical left organizations.

What do Euer’s progressive backers say they want? Unrestricted immigration, driver’s licenses and voting rights for illegals and continuation of Rhode Island’s sanctuary state-status that hinders the arrest and deportation of criminal illegals.

If you think electing Euer would have us follow Europe down the rathole to economic ruin and social chaos, vote instead for Mike Smith.

His priorities are the proven ones that have made America prosperous: strengthen Rhode Island’s economy to generate more and better jobs, support good year-round employment in Newport and Jamestown and make sure our hard-earned tax dollars are spent cost effectively and with transparent public accountability.

The direction we take may depend on how you vote on Tuesday.

The Newport Daily News
08/18/2017 – Page A06