Letter to the Editor Liberal Progressive Movement

To The Editor:
As an Independent Voter who often selects candidates from both Parties, I think it’s important to point out that this year there has been significant changes in the Portsmouth Democratic Party. Gone are the old days of party leadership under Jesse Ferreira, Guy Polselli and Vern Gorton.

What has occurred is the Party has been co-opted by the Liberal Progressive Movement under the leadership of Chairman Leonard Katzman. Unfortunately, most of the Democratic candidates for Town Council support this big government top-down approach to local government. In addition, James Seveney, a candidate for the R.I. Senate, running against seated Senator John Pagliarini. is also a supporter of the Liberal Progressive movement.

Unfortunately, Mr. Katzman discouraged these candidates from participating in any of the Portsmouth Forums so that members of the public could ask questions, which really is in direct conflict with their position of supporting Open Government.

The Liberal Progressive Movement supports are universal changes that will affect Global Warming; Rescinding the Second Amendment right to bear arms. While we need to provide safety measures regarding who should own a weapon, do we want to Rescind this Amendment? They also support Abortion and Planned Parenthood funding. The old adage Elections have Consequences is true. There are significant costs attached to support for Top-down Government.

There are large costs attached to “Bernie Sanders” type programs, attractive as they may be. We already are among the highest paying citizens in the Nation.

There are seven States larger than R.I. with larger populations and roads to care for who have significantly lower budgets. Last year our State Budget was

$8.2 Billion, this year we’re up to $9 Billion. We have to become more cost conscious. Higher Taxes discourage investment and growth in our economy, but most of all discourages citizens.

Sincerely, Kathy Melvin