LTE Make America Great Again Rally

As usual, the Providence Journal got it wrong.  I refer to the Sunday, March 26 front page headline….CULTURE CLASH.
The anti-Trump protesters behavior had nothing to do with “Culture”……and everything to do with anti-American activity.
Among the hundreds and hundreds of “Make America Great Again” supporters were many Veterans, including myself, who served to protect the 1st Amendment and the protesters right to free assembly.  The protesters did not ingratiate themselves nor bring legitimacy to their cause, by not stopping their raucous behavior, blowing horns and pounding on pails during the singing of our National Anthem!.
I trust the intolerant protesters rather elementary plan, was to cause enough noise to make it difficult for the Event Speakers to communicate their message of a better tomorrow for America.   If success in life is remotely important to the protesters, they may well wish to emulate the lives of the speakers rather than engage in the disrespect they showed for them.
Seemingly, the only contribution of the intolerant protesters appears to be a display of their proficiency in banging on pots, pans and buckets.  Important to them it would seem, but not necessarily a life skill.
On their road back to civility, future protesters would serve themselves if they observed the behavior of those they are protesting.
The protesters did not make themselves or America proud.  But then, those who live on the dark side rarely bring forth a positive result.
America deserves better.
Joe Lorenz