Open letter to Senators John McCain and Jack Reed

February 2, 2016

An Open Letter To:
Senators John McCain and Jack Reed


I begin this letter by complementing both of you for your ability to work together for the greater good of our country.  It also heartens methat the two senior members of the Senate Armed Services Committee are veterans.

As a decorated war veteran, I am also pleased that you have taken a positive position concerning the accountability of General Petraeus.  General Petraeus erred in the inappropriate handling of classified information and giving false testimony to the FBI which lead directly to his resignation as Director of the CIA.

During my career in the U.S. Navy I was trusted with a Top Secret Clearance.  My duties and responsibilities safeguarding classified information were pounded into my head from the time I became a fresh caught Ensign.   I am confident that you both experienced the same unrelenting indoctrination concerning safeguardingclassified information while on active duty.

The purpose of my letter is to point out what appears to be the apparent disparate treatment between General Petraeus and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  From my perspective it appears that Secretary Clinton far exceeded General Petraeus in the potential for causing grave and lasting damage to our country as a result of mishandling classified information.

Gentlemen, we have each recited the Pledge of Allegiance many times throughout our lives.  For me, that pledge, recited with my hand over my heart, is a solemn oath.  The final words, “With liberty and justice for all,” are an egalitarian belief that should be applicable to every American, regardless of race, gender, or political influence they may hold in office.

I recognize that in your capacity on the Armed Services Committee you do not have direct cognizance over matters dealing with current or previous Secretaries of State.  You are enjoined however, as elected representatives of the people, to strive for “Liberty and justice for all.”  In this respect I request that you, as respected leaders in the U.S. Senate, vigorously support equal justice for all throughout the Congress of the United States.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Robert Bledsoe, Cdr, USN Ret.