Pagliarini: A Man for Our Time

To The Editor;

Voters in State Senate District 11 have an easy choice to make between liberal Democrat, James Seveney and conservative Republican, John Pagliarini.

Liberal Democrats have governed Rhode Island for more than 50 years. The State ranks at, or near the bottom of almost every measure of State competitiveness in the nation.

john pagliarini for senateMr. Pagliarini represents a very different perspective than his opponent. The measure of Mr. Pagliarini can be described succinctly as follow:

  • He understands and holds dear the founding documents of this great nation. The second Amendment to the US Constitution states clearly …”the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
  • He does not believe that tolling commercial trucks enhances RI’s business climate. Mr. Pagliarini believes State government already has the resources to restore its infrastructure, over which devastation, it has presided.
  • Mr. Pagliarini opposes RoadmapRI, which will in time; force affordable housing into our established local neighborhoods.
  • He believes that parents, not government, are best equipped to determine the school most suited to needs of their children.
  • He does not believe that State legislators should be immune to punishment for ethics violations.
  • Mr. Pagliarini believes that perpetual legislator terms foster corruption and should be limited.

On the other, hand Mr. Seveney is a liberal Democrat.