Portsmouth Concerned Citizens Newsletter October 2022

Listed below is an excerpt from the PCC newsletter.  Below you will find a link to the document.

From the President Larry Fitzmorris

The winds of political change are blowing throughout our country.  The question before us is whether or not the wind is up in Portsmouth.

This year’s elections will offer our citizens a choice for the first time in a number of years.  Our political systems work only when an educated electorate implements their political desires through the ballot box.  But we require a competitive election in order to implement changes.  Our elections only work when there is a contest of ideas among those running for office.   This year we have one. 

Our organization’s Executive Committee has made recommendations for change in the Council and State Government in this newsletter.  We believe that our recommendations for Council if all are elected, will be instrumental in changing the path of taxation and will implement new respect for the interests of the people who pay the bills.

Here is the PCC Newsletter October 18, 2022

Election Recommendations from the PCC (Portsmouth Concerned Citizens)

Portsmouth Council

David M. Gleason

Keith Hamilton

Sharleen M. Patton

David Reise

Senate District 11

Kenneth J. Mendonca


House District 69

Robert E. O’Neill


House District 71

Kobe James Taylor


House District 72



Ashley M. Kalus