Progressive Impact on RI Economy

Our Progressive representatives, both state and national, profess support for business, both small and large.  Yet the Democratic Platform contains such items as:

  • 10% payroll tax to support healthcare.
  • Carbon tax on businesses.
  • Requirement to purchase expensive electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • Arbitrary $15 minimum wage hikes.

These platform items, if passed, will have a derogatory effect forcing businesses to cut costs/jobs, moving out of state, or going out of business.  

Ask any RI business owner what keeps them up at night and they will reply the escalating cost of doing business including labor, taxes, regulation, and utilities.  The Trump administration has clearly demonstrated what needs to be done to stimulate our economy:

  • Reduce taxes.
  • Less regulation.
  • Create jobs and reduce unemployment.

Our country established a robust economy following WWII through capitalism, not socialism.  As a country we know what works and what doesn’t work.  The list of countries that opted for socialism and subsequently failed is legend.

Our economy is booming because of the policies implemented by President Trump.  Common sense would dictate that the American people support the winning programs he has implemented.     

Vote Republican on November 6th.

Robert Bledsoe

Portsmouth, RI