Re-electing Ken Mendonca is a smart vote – LTE NDN

You may face a few hard choices this election, but re-electing Rep. Ken Mendonca shouldn’t be one of them. It’s really a slam-dunk no-brainer.

Ken has been an outstanding advocate for everyone in House District 72, covering most of Portsmouth and Middletown.

Unlike his opponent, Ken is a lifelong resident of Aquidneck Island, so he has a native’s thorough understanding of local issues.

This past legislative session, he sponsored or cosponsored eight significant bills that received bipartisan support and became law, quite an accomplishment for a first-termer. Ken has been effective for the district because he is widely respected in both parties for his thoroughness and hard work.

He has a strong record of helping many constituents solve problems with government bureaucracies, including UHIP, DMV, DOT and taxes.

Electing Ken’s opponent is not a smart vote for residents of Middletown and Portsmouth. She is a member of the majority party. The way things work in the General Assembly, she will be expected to vote with the all-powerful leadership. If she doesn’t fall in line, she will be pushed aside and ignored. Either way, her campaign promise to be an independent voice for change simply can’t happen, given the reality of Smith Hill politics.

His opponent is a progressive, the new label socialists decided to hide behind when smart people figured out how unworkable and unaffordable socialist notions are. They demand ever-larger government with ever-more control over our lives, funded by higher and higher taxes on businesses and individuals.

During the coming legislative session, Ken plans to focus on the serious issues facing the district and state:

• Improving the business climate to generate more and better jobs with higher pay.

• Restoring state funding to Middletown and Portsmouth schools.

• Reducing taxes on pensions and retirement income.

• Creating an independent Inspector General’s Office to monitor state spending of our tax money to cut waste, fraud and abuse.

• Helping constituents solve problems with government bureaucracies.

So at least one decision is an easy choice for Portsmouth and Middletown voters in House District 72. It’s incumbent Ken Mendonca with an outstanding record and a focus on solving the state’s serious issues versus a radical progressive with no legislative experience and no possibility of being effective.

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