Democratic Senate Candidate James Seveney finally agreed to share a venue with Republican Candidate John Pagliarini on Tuesday night in Bristol. One of the issues covered during the session was bringing jobs back to Rhode Island. Senator Pagliarini suggested reducing corporate taxes to which Mr. Seveney questioned where the money would come from to make up for the lost revenue.
Although getting the two candidates together was a good first step by the League of Women Voters, it seems a little late, no criticism for the host. It is also notable that the questions during the debate did not include the number one issue on the minds of Portsmouth voters, REDUCING TAXES. From his response it would appear that Mr. Seveney does not consider this an option.

Mr. Seveney’s first instinct should be, in consideration of the concerns of the citizens of Portsmouth, finding ways of paying for reducing corporate taxes by cutting funds from existing state programs. A good place to look first would be reducing/eliminating the funds, $80m, that are spent annually for food stamps, medical care, and education for legal and illegal immigrants. Although there are many cities nationwide that are categorized as Sanctuary Cities, thanks to a program approved by Governor Chaffee, Rhode Island is the only Sanctuary State in the United States.

Helping the poor and downtrodden in our country and state is important, but it seems to me that in order to help these unfortunate people we first have to have a strong infrastructure and tax base in place. And make no mistake, this type of thinking by our one party legislature is an alien concept. They are constantly seeking new and innovative ways of increasing revenue which means higher taxes for us. No matter what they call it, the increased revenue is going to come out of our pockets.
Senator Pagliarini will fight for more efficient state government, improved public education, and common sense solutions to the problems facing Rhode Island.
Regardless of your opinion on this matter, it is vital that all registered voters cast a ballot on November 8th.