Socialist Portsmouth RI town government

This letter is addressed to Portsmouth town officials.
Much has been written about Portsmouth governments refusal to recognize the will of the people and eliminate the FY 2020-21 tax increase.  An oppressive tax, by out of touch big spending socialists in Portsmouth government during a time of national tragedy.
Middletown recently announced the elimination of their tax increase, Tiverton had previously announced the delay or elimination of their tax increase.  And, Newport announced the elimination of their tax increase, as well.
That leaves our Socialist Portsmouth town government as the only body of wrong thinking, in a world of the worst economic collapse since the 1930’s, 10’s of millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and the world is in a health pandemic not seen since 1918. Add to that the collapse of household income for our families and business’ (except for members of any Portsmouth employee union).
Allow me a rhetorical question…..about 40 million Americans have lost their jobs since the Pandemic began.  How many Portsmouth town and school employees have been laid off during the same period?……  Silly me for asking.
On top of all that, you just proposed a $2.4 million bond issue.  How out of touch can you get?
The anti citizen/taxpayer sentiment of you Portsmouth officials suggests a disregard that borders on distain.  One could easily say the same of your arrogance.  The arrogance of ignoring the will of the people.  Both, are extremely bad characteristics for a public official.  Both, inflict a damage on Portsmouth and the very people you swore to protect.
Portsmouth citizens ask that you do the right thing and eliminate the oppressive tax increase (like all the area towns have already done), that you have imposed upon them, which will also work toward restoring badly needed trust in you, the people charged with helping make our town and it’s citizens everything they can be.