Time to take a stand and run for local office 2022

During the last 30 years of my residency in Portsmouth my taxes have gone up every year but one. That year, a Republican Council majority existed. What is it about Democrats that causes the cost of living to go up every year? I think I know.  Public employee expenses. If all your employees pay dues to a union-management team, that team will figure out a way to get the taxpayers to ante up.  I understand. So who is taking care of those taxpayers? Nobody. Taxpayers are not organized. What if we had a taxpayer’s union with elected leaders (paid) whose job it was to keep the taxes below the national cost of living index. 

It is never fun to compare the spending in RI to other States.  Why? We are not organized to spend. Regardless of the political structures you look at, they all suffer from the same problems.  The one-party Democrat States don’t favor taxpayers. Look at the demographics of household movement in America. States run by Democrats ( read unions) are losing population. Where to? Is anyone moving to RI? Yes. Illegal immigrants. So, what do you do? Americans are so unhappy with the political parties that we register as unaffiliated/independent voters. We claim we will vote for the best person. OK. But how are the best people selected? Political Parties. So how do they select candidates?

The Democrats ask the unions who the candidates will be. The Republicans in RI can’t ask anyone.  Result. Higher taxes are caused by union contracts. Is there any hope for a solution that provides good public employee staffing while keeping the cost of living under control? Course there is. Thoughtful people. We need to vote in our neighbors who are willing to spend a couple of years deciding what the cost of living in Portsmouth should be. They will ask the employees of our Town to consider each resident’s cost to live before any union contract is signed. Will they agree?  Everyone working FOR Portsmouth wants to be appreciated for their value as individuals contributing to the good of the Town.

First, we need to afford to live here. There are some part-time residents with big homes who love the view and the summer climate. They are a minority. AND they can’t vote for the community leaders we need. There are thoughtful citizens in Portsmouth who agree with my assertion that we need to elect decisive people willing to spend two years supporting a political philosophy that supports taxpayers’ interests while providing Town services that we can afford. Our deadline to find solid candidates is June 29th. The Portsmouth Republican Town Committee is organized to support the candidacy of fiscal conservatives. If you are a first-time candidate, we will support you throughout the process. Call 683-6791 if you want to make a difference.