If issues matter, there are several that warrant consideration when involving Mr. Seveney’s run for the 11th District State Senate seat:

  • Seveney was one of the primary supporters for the debacle involving the Portsmouth wind turbine. The town had no experience in wind turbines and the Town Planner and Council has expended untold hundreds of hours trying to find a way out of this $3 million burden on Portsmouth taxpayers.  His intent seems to be a promotion to the State Senate, leaving the Town Council behind to clean up a mess he helped create.
  • Seveney, as a member of the Town Council, voted in support of a program, (RoadmapRI), by the Federal Government, (HUD), to sell our freedom to decide locally how Portsmouth will meet our commitment to create low cost housing.
  • Seveney, as a member of the Town Council, deliberately left the “Tent Meeting” in August of 2006, thereby denying the Town Council the ability to vote on the issue because of the lack of a quorum. Democracy at work?
  • Seveney has stated in public that he supports the Second Amendment, sort of. At a meeting of the Newport Rifle Club’s Candidate Forum he stated  that “while he supports the 2ndAmendment to the US Constitution, he would have people arrested if they carried a pistol even though the law permits properly permitted citizens to carry concealed weapons.  When he takes the oath of office he will be required to swear to support the US and RI Constitution, which he obviously doesn’t.
  • Seveney seems to also be undecided on the issue of Tolls. At one point he has publicly stated that “all issues are on the table”.  He has since stated that he does not think that Tolls are necessary in order to maintain RI Roads and Bridges.
  • Seveney supports bringing Syrian refugees into RI.
  • Seveney opposes Charter Schools, yet again attacking the freedom of Rhode Islanders.

The issues listed above deserveconsideration by the voters in Portsmouth, Tiverton and Bristol.  Dr. Ottiano resigned his seat because of the possibility of a conflict of interest.  Mr. Seveney is closely connected with Public Unions and is even more susceptible to a conflict of interest.

Regardless of your position on these vital matters, it is vital that you vote on January 5th.