Turn RI Red BBQ line-up 2018

Event Starts at 3PM

Our Speaker Program Agenda (3:30PM) follows:

–  Welcome                                                       Joe Lorenz
–  Pledge of Allegiance
–  candidates for:
– U.S, Senate                                              Robert Flanders
–  Rhode Island Governor                            Allan Fung
–  Rhode Island Lt. Governor                       Paul Pence
–  Republican National Committee                    Lee Ann Sennick
–  Rhode Island Republican Party                     Caleb Worthen
– candidates for:
–  Portsmouth Town Council                         Paul Kesson
                                                                            Larry Fitzmorris
                                                                            Jeff Richard
–  Portsmouth School Committee                 Tom Vadney
                                                                            John Schlesinger
–  Rhode Island Senate                                     Stephanie Calise
–  Rhode Island Representative                        Ken Mendonca
–  Concluding Remarks                                     Joe Lorenz
The weather looks great….anticipation is high….our Republican fellowship awaits you